Brat (Old English for turbot) takes its inspiration from the cooking styles of the Basque country where cooking over fire is the principal focus.

Having completed KILN and Smoking Goat for this highly successful restaurateur, BRAT was the eagerly anticipated third concept for Advance Catering. Brat is the debut restaurant from former Kitty Fisher’s head chef Tomos Parry.

To create an “instinctual and primal style” of cooking, Advance introduced the Brat design team to a craftsman specialising in ironmongery to design and develop a bespoke wood-fired grill sitting next to a beautiful built in wood oven that looks like it’s always been there! This creation has now become the signature show piece of Brat. To overcome space constraints, innovative design was applied to the kitchen and bar areas creating an air of theatre whist maximising operational efficiency.

Brat earned a Michelin Star just six months after opening

Manufacturers included: MAM ovens, Osbourne, EAIS, Winterhalter, Rational, Adande, Fosters, Mechline, Advance Fabrication, Advance Coldroom

“Advance have really supported us in designing and installing our first trading site that hosts a really tight footprint. From start to finish, Advance has proven to be the perfect partners to create both operational designs to deliver the quality and flexibility needed for our menu. They have been instrumental in the launch of this concept.” Tomos Parry, Patron Head Chef

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